How does the Limpet work in areas with limited signal?

We are solution providers. We’re aware that solutions relying on just one communication option can be prone to failure. Depending on your requirements, we will seek to implement the most effective solution for the particular installations. Communication methodologies can include Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, NBIoT or other. More options. Less failure.

When the meter chamber is always full of mud/water how can the meter be read easily?

The LimpetReader works in meter chambers where mud and water can cover the meter itself as there is a clear optical path created between the meter register and the LimpetReader. Readings can be taken with our standard product when the water level is below the top of the LimpetReader. For fully and consistently water-logged pits, a development variant will be implemented in order to deliver the meter data.

If a manual Bluetooth reading is being taken, what sort of proximity to the meter does the reader need to be?

As per the product specification sheet, up to 10 metres. If there are very challenging circumstances, underneath a very thick manhole cover for example, then you may have to stand on or near the manhole itself to receive a signal.

How is the Limpet stuck on, what is the glue, will it come off?

LimpetReader is secured using optically clear adhesive or optical tape. They will not come off under operating conditions. They can be removed without damage to the meter if this is required (although this is not envisaged as the readings are classified as manual readings for the purposes of the water meter reading regulations and the meter register is not obscured).

Can meters still be read manually after LimpetReaders are installed?

As LimpetReader readings are classed as manual readings for the purposes of the regulations, we’re not quite sure why you would ever want to! But if that’s your particular thing, yes you can as LimpetReaders do not cover the meter register from view.

Why is this better than TRADITIONAL AMR?

  • More cost effective – facilitates accurate regular data on practically all meters, including smaller usage meters.
  • Not subject to third party connection charges associated with traditional AMR solutions – therefore quicker and cheaper to implement.
  • There is no reliance on pulsed output – so no pulse drift concerns and image/data from actual meter register much better for customer billing purposes.

Does this work on a pulse signal?

No, a pulsed output from the meter is not required. So quicker, easier and cheaper to implement on practically any meter.

What’s the cost?

The most cost-effective, truly automated solution for regular readings as required, that we are aware of. Contact Deer Technology to discuss your requirements and for your tailor-made quotation.

How often can I get a reading?

The solution can be specified to meet your exact requirements.

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