Welcome to Deer Technology. Home of the LimpetReader™.


You cannot control what you do not measure! DeeR Technology solves meter reading problems across the utilities sector. Our innovative low-cost solutions based on our core LimpetReader™ product, effectively turn existing meters into smart meters.  No pulse output or disruption required. The Limpet and associated devices provide a new standard in remote, non-invasive and accurate recording of meter readings for water, electricity, gas and other metered consumption. Our aim is to help our clients take control of their resource management and improve their sustainability agenda and cash flow.


To be the leading providers of accurate meter reading solutions which deliver long term commercial benefits and support the sustainability goals of our clients in the energy space.


DeeR Technology, is a Welsh-based product development and technology company. We are innovators delivering game-changing meter reading solutions. Our aim is to disrupt the market in the energy space. Implementing solutions now. Why the company name DeeR? The symobilsm behind the deer represents energy, independence, regeneration, good fortune and new adventure. 



Depth of experience

A wealth of experience of providing product development, engineering and technology solutions across multiple industries.

Accuracy, Innovation and Sustainability

These are our watch words and are part of our core company values, informing everything we do.

Long term relationships

DeeR Technology recognises its responsibilities to its customers, suppliers, employees, the community, the environment and its shareholders by maintaining long-term development of its products and services.

"Really pleased to have DeeR Technology supporting our North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) at Durham County Cricket Club today, talking with our customers about their innovative LimpetReader data collection device."

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