Welcome to Deer Technology. Home of the Limpet Reader.

Founded to commercialise its Limpet Reader, Deer Technology offers a new standard in utility-meter reading products and services for measuring and recording water, electricity or gas consumption.

Limpet Reader: The New Standard in Utility Meter Reading

New to the water industry – the Limpet has been designed to fit existing meters.

A hi-tech, low-cost, opto-electronic, Bluetooth enabled sensor, records utility meters register image and automatically transfers them to a customer data base.

The most cost effective and economical product available for meter reading data management.

Designed to meet the ever-demanding needs for water metering data, the Limpet Reader lets customers access accurate metered readings.

Affordable simple solution, utilising ‘Walk-By’ technology.

Conversion of analogue meter to digital reading.

System Advantages

No more lifting chamber covers – clear health and safety benefits.

No more estimated bills.

Readings are simply taken using the Limpet Reader Bluetooth app via mobile phone compatible to Android 7.0 or later.

A custom back office solution, API set and image algorithms offer a first to market product that is revolutionising the water industry.

Our Mission

Through its patented Limpet Reader technology, Deer Technology provides low-cost solutions to record and manage the utilities consumption of any organisation by remote, non-invasive meter-reading and software developments.

Deer Technology is an innovative company which aims to ensure high quality solutions on a right-first-time basis with an emphasis on continuous improvement. In order to deliver this philosophy it is essential that all personnel throughout the organisation are actively involved.

Deer Technology recognises its responsibilities to its customers, suppliers, employees, the community, the environment and its shareholders by maintaining long-term development of its products and services.